Thursday, November 03, 2005

illumination & rangoli


Yeh illu illu kya hai ? Why is it so special to KGPians ?

This is the first question you'll be asking yourself and you would be eager to know this vague connection between the pedantic breed of humans, well known as IITians and their unique way of Diwali celebrations, in short we name it illu.

Illumination started in early 90's and a rich tradition all of us in Kharagpur are really proud of, because it is something unique to each and every KGPian !!! The only event in Eastern India where Diwali is celebrated with high spirits, probably you see nowhere in the world except at IIT Kharagpur. This evening people come from far of places to see the innumerable glowing diyas and enjoy this festival of lights with us.

Its very very difficult to explicate the efforts we IITians put in. Weeks of hardwork and its all gone in minutes, but when these diyas lit up .... it's indeed a breath taking spectacle !!!! We could say the teamwork, the competitive spirit, the creativity, the iitian fundas, the lively nightouts and the grandeur all define KGP life !!!

This wonderful festival of lights Illu....will reamin in the memory of every KGPian.

Long live Illu, long live KGP.


Rangoli-Celebration of Colours

Let me be frank !!! I have been a little biased at times. I have only written about Illumination. However, Rangoli, which takes place concurrently is as important.

In Rangoli, various hostels use colour powder on their common room floors to depict majestic scenes - usually related to mythology. The way myriad colours come together to form an awe-inspiring whole is really something unique to Kgp. Needless to say, it too requires a lot of hard work, perseverence, and team effort apart from dexterity with drawing, painting, and colours. When you work for 8 hours at a stretch and that too without the fan (for fear of colours blowing away), you tend to get the idea of the scale.

PS:- If you think I've exaggerated to a far extent....then.... hold on !!! Now I let these beautiful photos/pictures speak of themselves and it is upto you to decide, what all I've said is valid or invalid.


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